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CWD Steel-Window-and-Door Design Details

CWD Thermal Profile Systems and Section Details for Windows and Doors

CWD Fineline Steel-windows-and-doors


has an advanced automated inventory system allowing us to offer this exclusive profile as part of our rapid ship program.  Fineline is available in thermally broken and non-thermal profiles with very slim transitional sightlines beginning at 15/16″.  Double or triple pane energy glass up to 1-7/8″O.A. and profile depths to 3-1/8″ provide additional strength.  An extensive range of glass stops, SDL’s (simulated divided lights), RAL finishes and handle options complete any aesthetic.

CWD Steel-windows-and-doors


is an elegant and innovative window and door series that is used for heritage and contemporary projects alike.  Profiles are offered with thermal and non-thermal properties and in three different materials: galvanized, stainless and cor-ten steel. The non-thermal range of profiles have an extremely narrow sightline and are best suited for interior room dividers or partition walls.  Multiple accessories and product configurations are available.

CWD 45-50TB Steel-windows-and-doors

CWD 45|50TB

is a new thermal-break steel window and door system combining the essence of the original steel window design with state-of-the-art thermal technology.  Providing slim sight lines and an extensive range of profiles, streamlined simulated divided lights (SDLs), as well as numerous hinge and handle options.

CWD 75TB Steel-windows-and-doors


has a very narrow slight line with increased profile depths from 2-15/16″ to  3-1/4″ for added strength and high performance energy glass up to 2-1/16″ O.A.  This unique product line offers two sightline design options: a flush interior and exterior or a rebated interior/exterior.



thermally broken steel windows and doors are ideal for high-end projects that require superior strength and enhanced thermal performance for larger openings with expansive ultra clear, low- iron or laminated glass. This series has a flush exterior with a rebated interior.

CWD Thermal Profile Systems and Section Details for Sliding Doors



offers thermally broken sliding doors with very narrow sight lines from  1-9/16″.  These slim but mighty elements are available in sizes up to 120’W x 100″H and offer high performance energy glass from 0-7/8″  to  1-3/8″ O.A. with profile depths at 2-3/8″.  Creating expansive views with minimal steel.

CWD Thermal Profile Systems and Section Details for Lift and Slide Doors

CWD 72TB Lift-Slide-Steel-Doors


for thermally broken lift-slide doors with narrow sight lines from  2-7/16″, offering manual or automated operation, high performance energy glass up to 1-15/16″O.A. and profile depths at 2-13/16″.  Creating vista views with larger openings and expansive ultra clear, low-iron or laminated glass.

CWD 80TB Steel-Lift-slide-doors


thermally broken steel lift and slide doors are ideal for design projects requiring superior strength, larger panel widths and special solutions up to 144″H along with enhanced thermal performance for larger openings with expansive ultra clear, low-iron or laminated glass.

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