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Citadel Aluminum Windows and Doors

Benefits of CITADEL Aluminum Systems

More cost effective and easier to install than steel
Inherently strong but lightweight, flexible and resilient to pressure
Low maintenance, ultra durable and easy to clean
Narrow sightlines, reduces the ratio of glass to framing and lowers the U-value
Excellent thermal efficiency
Aluminum can transcend architectural styles, from urban commercial to modern luxury residential
Aluminum is sustainable, 100 percent recyclable, non-toxic and eco-friendly
Our aluminum systems are powder coated, pre-anodized or anodized for superior corrosion resistance


Outstanding design meets optimum functionality, safety and energy efficiency


Excellent safety and anti-burglary protection able to withstand harsh environments with reinforced variants for extreme wind and water loads.

Slim Sightlines

CWD thermal aluminum windows are available in a transitional or historic aesthetic providing a contemporary, modern or vintage ethos with slim sightlines for a classic steel look.

Clean Design

Sleek and minimalist window and door profiles, whether sliding, folding or swinging offer timeless, versatile and well crafted style for the ages.

Transitional Contemporary
Historic Timeless

Ideal for Large Openings and Façades

With numerous profile styles, sizes, shapes and performance our versatile thermal aluminum-frame and façade systems offer unparalleled design freedom.

Excellent Corrosion-resistance

“When exposed to air, aluminum creates a protective oxide layer as an immediate and natural reaction.”  Pre-anodizing prior to powder coating or direct anodizing (an electrochemical aluminum oxide layer is created on the substrate) provides a “super durable” corrosion resistant finish.

Aluminum Extrusions

Processed at over 800°F, the molten aluminum mixed with magnesium and silicon additives for improved strength and corrosion resistance, is pushed through a die to give each profile its unique aesthetic for a modern, contemporary, historic or urban design.


Customizable with virtually unlimited design freedom, security and quality


Sleek, elegant, timeless or bold designs, materials and finishes to choose from

The Citadel Advantage is in the Details.

From finishes to nail fins, we offer several options to ensure our aluminum-frame windows and doors are the right fit for your project.

Muntins/Grids – Abundant lite configurations and patterns are offered in GBG(grids between glass), SDL(simulated divided lights) or TDL(true divided lights)
Hardware – Multi point, single point, pivot, lift or push out
Hinges – Adjustable 2- or 3-wing hinges and concealed available on certain profiles and typologies
Screens – Fixed or retractable
Nail Fins – Optional in standard or custom designs
Finishes – Standard AAMA 2603 and “Super durable” ASTM 2604|2605 Axalta RAL powder coated or Anodized

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