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7168 ID-33 Scenic (South Hwy 33) Victor, ID 83455

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Factory-Direct Steel & Aluminum Windows and Doors

Control of Quality, Logistics and End Costs

Citadel’s factory-direct network of profile manufacturers, in-house fabricators and hardware partners produces higher-quality steel or aluminum windows and doors while giving our customers more control over design, logistics and costs.

Every Citadel window, door or glazing system is custom-built with the specific project in mind, from the material and specifications of the framing to the finishes and hardware options.

Our factory-direct windows and doors meet stringent U.S. certifications and are backed by innovative R&D, resulting in thermal breaks that create extremely low U-values, greater profile depths to accommodate more glass configurations, and superior frame strength for slimmer sightlines.

By choosing Citadel, architects and designers are no longer beholden to the limited styles, inconsistent inventories and mark-ups of large-scale suppliers. Our customers receive factory-direct steel or aluminum windows and doors that meet their project’s timeline and design needs at a lower end cost to their clients.

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