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Window and Door Materials and Finishes

Stainless Steel Finish Window Citadel

Beautiful Surfaces Built to Last

Citadel’s broad selection of window and door materials and finishes is designed to elevate the look of your project without sacrificing durability or corrosion resistance.

Our metal-frame window and door systems are available in powder-coated galvanized steel, cor-ten (rust), stainless steel and bronze, with a variety of polished, burnished, satin and patina finishes to complete the desired aesthetic.

Galvanized Steel

Citadel Galvanized Steel Window And Door Material

Cor-Ten (Rust)

Citadel Cor-Ten (Rust) Material For Windows And Doors

Stainless Steel

Citadel Stainless Steel Material For Windows And Doors


Galvanized or Black Steel Finishes

RAL Color Wheel For Galvanized Steel Finishes

Citadel’s black or galvanized steel doors and windows are offered in hundreds of RAL and British Standard powder coats. Marine-grade RALs and heavy or light textures are available upon request.

To ensure a strong adherence of the powder coat, the steel is hot-dip galvanized, creating superior corrosion protection and an optimal substrate for the RAL finish. This layer also protects the external and internal profiles of the galvanized steel doors and windows from oxidation.

Steel Casement Window In Custom-Textured Black Finish

Steel Casement Window in Custom-Textured Black Finish

Cor-Ten Finishes

Citadel’s cor-ten door and window systems receive their rust-like appearance from the natural oxidation process, making them a perfect complement for rustic-modern luxury homes or high-end commercial projects surrounded by natural landscapes.

The period of stabilization for cor-ten doors and windows can last from one to four years and forms a protective patina, creating a timeless chromatic effect that lasts for decades.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Citadel CWD F1 Curtain Wall In Stainless Steel Finish

With an extremely durable combination of iron, carbon, nickel and molybdenum, stainless steel does not rust when exposed to oxygen, requires minimum maintenance and provides excellent tensile strength.

Available in satin, burnished and polished finishes, our CWD stainless steel doors and windows convey a sleek, modern look for bolder architectural features andĀ marine-grade applications.

Bronze Finishes

Metropolitan Wax Bronze Finish On Frame

Bronze finishes also benefit from the natural oxidation process to project a sophisticated old-world or contemporary look with variations in sheen, color or tone. Our 100 percent recyclable bronze windows and doors use an alloy with a high percentage of copper to boost corrosion resistance, and added zinc for improved hardness and tensile strength.

CWD bronze-frame windows and doors are available in specialty patina finishes (Metropolitan Bronze shown to the right) or in standard burnished and satin bronze shown below.

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