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Citadel Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

Citadel Luxury Residential Steel Windows Dining Room

Engaging Style. Efficient Design.

Thermally broken steel windows and doors provide the narrow sightlines, classic-contemporary style and superior strength of steel without the thermal conductivity issues inherent in metal.

Citadel’s NFRC-certified CWD line of windows and doors smartly integrate a thermal barrier, or thermal break, between the outdoor and indoor sections of the steel frame to prevent the cold outside from traveling to the interior.

Our CWD thermally broken steel windows and doors are available in stainless steel, RAL-painted galvanized steel, bronze or cor-ten finishes with a range of factory standard or premium hardware to accentuate the details in your luxury residential or commercial designs.


CWD 45TB Thermally Broken Outswing Casement Steel Window Detail

CWD 45 thermally broken steel windows and doors are innovative frame systems with one of the narrowest sightlines available on the market today. They offer excellent NFRC-certified U-values and California Energy Code Title 24 compliance.


Citadel CWD 50TB Thermally Broken Steel Window Detail Sheet

CWD 50 is a new thermal-break steel window and door system combining the essence of the original steel window design with state-of-the-art thermal technology. Providing slim sightlines, these windows and doors are available with an extensive range of simulated divided lights (SDLs) and true divided lights (TDLs), as well as with numerous hinge and handle options in single point or multi point.

Choose from single-, double- or triple-pane glass available up to 1-1/2″ thick and benefit from excellent NFRC U-values, with optional low-iron, ultra-clear or self-cleaning glass.


CWD 65 Thermally Broken Steel Window And Door Detail

CWD 65 thermally broken steel windows and doors are ideal for high-end projects that require superior strength, larger openings or expansive glass without compromising artistic freedom.

Large Thermally Broken Steel Door Systems

Steel Sliding Doors - Lift And Slide - Living Room Evening - Citadel
Steel Sliding Doors - Lift And Slide - Living Room Evening - Citadel


CWD 72 Lift And Slide Sliding Steel Door Detail


CWD 85 Lift And Slide Sliding Steel Doors Detail

CWD 72 and CWD 85 allow for larger windows and doors, pocketing and 360-degree corner lift-and-slide sliding steel doors with flush rail tracks or thermal breaks, accommodating panel weights up to 900 lbs.

These thermally enhanced systems offer slim visible sightlines combined with cutting-edge energy efficiency for sustainable projects, with acoustic and bulletproof glass up to 2-3/8″ thick. Concealed hinges and locks provide a contemporary aesthetic.

Our lift-and-slide doors are NFRC certified with U-values as low as 0.25. Available as manual or motorized, these systems enable the creation of glass walls that alternate sliding and fixed openings, allowing entire walls to be opened to the outside.

Simulated Divided Lights (SDLs) for Our Thermally Broken Lines

Citadel offers a variety of SDLs to meet the design needs of your project. SDL windows feature a single piece of glass with muntins attached to the interior and exterior with strong VBH tape. Multiple grille or muntin configurations and styles are available.

Citadel CWD Simulated Divided Lights For Thermally Broken Steel Windows And Doors

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