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Citadel Steel-Frame Windows and Doors

Why Our Steel Windows and Doors Instead of Aluminum Systems?

Steel is three times stronger than aluminum
Steel frames are welded at the corners, without the unattractive join lines or design vulnerabilities of aluminum frames
Steel’s superior strength also allows for longer frames on larger windows
Steel frames create narrower sightlines, reducing the ratio of glass to framing and lowering the U-value
Steel is five times more thermally resistant than aluminum
Steel can transcend architectural styles, from urban commercial to modern luxury residential
Steel is 100 percent recyclable
Our steel-frame systems are powder coated and hot dipped in a galvanized substrate for superior corrosion resistance
Citadel Luxury Steel Windows Living Room
Citadel Luxury Steel Windows Living Room

Choose from Cold- and Hard-Rolled Steel Frames

Advantages of Cold-Rolled Steel

Narrowest Sightlines and Greatest Precision

Rolled into hollow sections after cooling to near room temperature, cold-rolled steel can be shaped into precise dimensions that create narrower sightlines.


The cold-working of flat steel coils at lower temperatures boosts the yield strength and – to a lesser degree – the ultimate strength of cold-rolled steel.

Polished Look

With greater design flexibility at lower temperatures, cold-rolled steel can be crafted with a smoother, more finished surface.

Advantages of Hot-Rolled Steel

Ideal for Larger Steel Sections

Hot-rolled steel is shaped from solid steel billets at high temperatures, making it well suited for steel-frame systems that are structural or feature large sections.

Lower Costs

Hot-rolled steel requires less processing time, which lowers its production costs without diminishing its durability.

Classic Steel Look

Processed at over 1,700°F, hot-rolled steel profiles have a bold, untreated look that can be refined for modern industrial or urban designs.

Sliding Steel Doors - Lift And Slide - Living Room Daytime - Citadel
Sliding Steel Doors - Lift And Slide - Living Room Daytime - Citadel

Choose from Thermally Broken and Non-Thermal Steel

NFRC Certified Steel Windows And Doors

Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

Citadel’s thermally broken steel window and door profiles prevent the cold outside from traveling through the frame into the interior. With thermally insulated barriers between the interior- and exterior-facing frame sections, our CWD product lines offer NFRC-certified energy efficiency and U-values as low as 0.17.

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Non-Thermal Steel Windows and Doors

Citadel’s non-thermal steel window and door profiles are a favorite among designers and architects for projects in milder climates or interior features such as office corridors, partitions, wine rooms, shower enclosures, and large-room dividers with hidden or styled barn door tracks.

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Our Typical Window and Door Elevations

Citadel Typical Steel Window Elevations CWD 45/65
Citadel Typical Steel Door Elevations - Entry, French, Pivot And Bi-Fold Doors
Citadel Typical Steel Door Elevations - Sliding Doors And Walls Of Glass

Our Steel-Frame Glass Door Styles

The Citadel Advantage Is in the Details.

From finishes to nail fins, we offer several options to ensure our steel-frame windows and doors are the right fit for your project.

SDL Bars – Aluminum or steel with numerous shapes and sizes
Hardware – Multi point, single point or crank out
Hinges – Adjustable 2- or 3-wing hinges (concealed available on CWD 65/85)
Screens – Fixed or rollscreen
Finishes – “Super durable” RAL powder coat that is ASTM 2604 or 2605 compliant
Nail Fins – Optional in standard or custom designs
Glass Stops – Square, triangular, ogee and our custom “L” series

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